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Pegret Harrison

Black Dog Studio

I am an artist, an animal lover, a wife, a fisherwoman, a mentor, a painter, a creative, a team builder, a popular culturist...I am business savvy, energetic, colorful, patriotic, fun loving, effervescent, positive, enthusiastic, inspired and inspiring, a supporter in all things art and life related with a quick wit and a keen sense of humor.

My name is Pegret...too old for "Peggy", too young for "Margaret", hence a happy combination of the two that defines me. If you google "Pegret", my web site comes up on the first page of the search, no small feat these days.

Like other people I have many dichotomies: I adore color...in art, in sunsets, in all its aspects... I am what many call "colorful", but will leave that to your opinion when we meet. And while colorful describes me, black and white also describes me. I have worn black and white happily over the years and exclusively in the last five. I design both in color and black and white, am fascinated with zentangles and ask me about my collections of paintings, clothes, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, shoes and just about anything black and white. In my youth I saw things black and white, in extremes. I have evolved to seeing many things in grey, seeing both sides, able to bring people, things and ideas together to function in harmony making the most gorgeous "greys" ever!!!

But as you will see in this website, color is my passion: BOLD, bright, rich, expressive. In my interior designs, color tells a story...can be evocative of the Florida coastal islands, can say "Girls Rule" or provide a neutral palette on which people can play, laugh, learn, live. And certainly on this website, my animal paintings are colorful, fun, funky, happy, which is how I feel when I am painting them.

My paintings come from my heart. I have a joy in life that I love to communicate through my art. Those who buy my art tell me that my paintings make them smile and bring a note of happiness to the room where they reside. Sometimes my clients hang my work where their pet dines, creating a mini gallery for Fido or Fluffy. I think that is a cool idea. I render a sense of playfulness and humor in my subjects that make them lovable and sweet. I paint what I know, what I feel, what I love. I have a short attention span which is one of the reasons I love working in acrylic paints since they dry faster and enable me to work quickly.

I am addicted to being busy, juggling many project "balls" , I am a workshop rat and I love to learn. I have gone to school in some fashion my whole life and was an early proponent of on line education. I have degrees in disciplines as disparate as Art History and Accounting/Finance, and as different as Interior Space Planning and Web Design. I take ongoing classes in Life Drawing, Journaling, Abstract Painting and Landscape Art.

I live with my husband and pets in Cape Coral, Florida. A city in the Southwestern part of the state, it lies between Tampa and Naples along some of the finest shelling beaches on the nearby barrier islands, Sanibel and Captiva. Black Dog Studio is filled with light and color. All my furniture is on wheels allowing me to move cabinets out when working in different media. The highlight of my space is a huge 4' by 8' painting I have painted to welcome visitors. It is a portrait of each of my beloved Havies who bring constant energy, joy and humor to my day. My studio is open year round by appointment and I love welcoming visitors to my fabulous space. If you are visiting the area, please stop in for a cup of tea, or a glass of wine while you enjoy my gallery of paintings and works on paper. My spaces are kid friendly, pet friendly and accessible.

I adore my three dogs. They are Havanese. I believe having pets in your life is therapeutic, keeps you centered and you are surrounded by funny and happy “characters” who love being your companion and who give their love and faithfulness freely, honestly and unconditionally. I believe that other folks love their pets as much as I love mine. It is because of this that it is important to me to bring the soul of the animal into the painting through its eyes. I love to see the happy, joyful look on my clients’ faces when presented with one of my canvases of their favorite furry friend.

I offer an opportunity to you to commission a painting of your pet. I will capture the character of your special animal and provide you with a painting that represents your favorite pet interpreted through my vibrant hues and funky, happy colors. I offer gift certificates for those special birthday or holiday presents. I often render memorial paintings and will also, on occasion, donate a painting to organizations who are raising funds for animal rescue and no kill shelters. As a mentor, I am generous with my time, my experiences and my ideas. I volunteer in the Arts and Healthcare Program at our local hospitals and work in an Music and Memory Alzheimer's Program.

My paintings are enthusiastically collected across the United States and abroad. For many years, my work has been accepted in juried exhibitions and shown in local Community Centers and Art League shows.

Thank you so much for visiting my site, I hope it makes you smile! Stay in touch via social media, browse my portfolio or visit me and see my work in person.